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Andi Willsher's Website

In memory of, and dedicated to, Andi Willsher

Andi's Activities

My pursuits generally but not exclusively, as I'll try anything once, involve the following:


Flying....Or Playing with Big Boys Toys

I have always had a fascination with Helicopters, how they work, how they even stay in the air, and what it would be like to actually pilot one, well, you only have one life, so follow your dreams, you never know if you don't try.  So, after spending vast quantities of cash, I hold a Private Pilots Licence for Helicopters - PPL(H).


Water related

I have a love of everything WET, including water ! and I can be found messing around in the stuff no matter what the season, just can't stay dry. I'm either Kayaking, kayak surfing or diving, should have been born in a country with warm water! back in the UK I was a kayaking instructor, not doing too much of that in Auckland, on account of there being no white water here, but I am a PADI Dive Master and Master Scuba Diver - just look for the sharks and that's where you'll find me! usually at the Poor Knights Island.


Mountain Biking

Again, this involves the chance to ride very fast over rocks, trees, mud and general dodgy terrain, so, why not ? I ride a hardtail Global Ti custom built by me, using lots of lightweight, carbon bits! mainly cross country, as there is a part of me that actually likes riding up hills ? need to investigate that bit further I feel.  I also race my mountain bikes, not that successfully, but currently training hard, on and off road, so watch here for maybe a top 10 finish next season in masters !!

Well, it couldn't last could it.....Cam had bought a bike shop over here in Christchurch, so I just had to buy that full bouncer that had been missing from my stable since I sold my Trek last Winter before leaving the UK! so here she is...She's a beautiful thing. Jamis Dakar XC Pro, mmmmmm............


Snowboarding - It's just frozen water after all........

I like to think that I have boarding since the very early days, which really means that I rode around Scotland on a neon coloured, far too long and heavy piece of plastic for years until a real board was designed ! Seriously though, I have been boarding since the early nineties.  I currently ride a freeride Salomon 168 and a Nidecker Alpine 175 in those stupid hard boot things. Been boarding all over Europe, USA, Canada, Norway (way too expensive for beer) and loads of trips to all the Scottish resorts.  Annual boarding trips are usually attended by the Bad Culture Tour Party!  Myself, Tom Kimber and Paul Scott being the founding members (which means we lived it up in Canada for two weeks with our own apartment, hot tub and Jacuzzi!) being joined on annual pilgrimages by any of the following - Lindsey, a good friend and Toms better half, Charlie, Jimmy, Caroline, Pauls Wife and Mother to the lovely Freya, Mike (Northern Bezzie!), my wife Wendy, occasionally, when they have run out of hot chocolate at the bar, she might venture onto the slopes! and anyone else who's there for the snow.







Fishing is something that I do to try and relax, it is possibly the only non-energetic pastime that I participate in! apart from landing large Yellow fin tuna that is, don't remember that being very relaxing....  I mainly fish with my old mate Roger Cannock.  Rog is a professional fishing coach in Cornwall, I need all the help I can get.  We spend the days, chatting, drinking tea, eating, and catching the odd fish, when they can be bothered to take our baits or flies that is.  Rog has recently "forced" me to start tying a few of my own flies! not one to do after a beer, I think this is only because my Salmon was bigger than his! I flew all the way to NZ for mine though, his was in the river Camel.


Nice fish!

How do I pay for all the fun? work, that thing that gets in the way of doing other great stuff - well I run an Ice Cream factory here in Auckland, an iconic Kiwi one, sure beats meat pies, not sure which is healthier though?