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Andi Willsher's Website

In memory of, and dedicated to, Andi Willsher

We have set up this website in loving memory of and dedicated to Andi Willsher, my amazing husband, who lost his hard fought battle with cancer on 16 June 2010.


Since then lots of our friends & family have been in touch with stories of activities that Andi has inspired them to do or pursuits that they used to enjoy with Andi and have continued with or events that they have done in Andi's memory, so I wanted to capture these stories & photos and share them with you all.


We have also maintained some of Andi's original website pages and his blog, as well as his photo gallery.


So please feel free to look around the website, remember the incredible person that Andi was and do get in touch with me if you would like to share a story or memory.


Wendy Willsher



(With Thanks to James (Andi's brother) who built the website and taught me the techie bits I needed to know!)