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Snowdonia 2005, Steep Creekin'

Snowdonia, Feb 2005

Steep Creekin'

Otherwise known as - the most fun you can have with your clothes on !

February 2005 was quite a strange month for me.  We were actually moving to NZ, our flights were booked, we had arranged to rent out our house, we had handed in notices at our various jobs, contract in my case, and we were on countdown, I also turned 35! so what better way to celebrate my birthday than to spend it with a group of like minded individuals throwing ourselves down waterfalls in Snowdonia - heaven........

The view from PyB

Looking towards "Chain Link Bridge" on the Dee, we had access permission, yeah right!

The calm before the storm ?? River Dee.


Steep Creekin Steep Creekin

The above pictures show "Cobdens Falls" on the River Llugwy, a personal nemesis for me, where I snapped my paddles two years previously  - they needed to be tamed, and they were! Note the group of students on the bridge, talk of distracting! at least they all applauded as we made the run. None of them even had a throwline! all their boats and kit were staying dry in the bus.

Steep Creekin Steep Creekin


Both the above photos show the "Afon Hwch" in Llanberis, the first one shows "Autoboof" followed by Angled Falls.

Keep it upright! Check out that crack!!

Not as easy as it looks, wicked stopper as you enter the pool.


The series above show the various falls of "Pont Cyfyng" on the Afon Llugwy again.  On a day that we were able able to paddle the whole river before it rained, hard, and we paddled it in spate later in the week. Wicked fun........



A runnable drop on the Afon Mawwach - the only one on the river worth doing in the levels we had on the day.


Spike tests the drop. And my turn...

The best drop of the week.... The Afon Gamlan, the photo on the left shows Spike running the drop, taken from a good angle in front of the drop.  The one on the right shows me on the same drop, taken by Oli just after he had run the drop, and taken from below - it is much higher than it looks in this shot, believe me......You can only see the bottom section in this shot.

A huge thanks to Plas y Brenin, the national mountain centre, and Spike and Dino for sharing their local knowledge of places to throw yourself off in a plastic tub with a few like minded mad gits for the week - top week, the most fun with your clothes on, even if  you need a drysuit in Snowdonia in February, and I managed to keep my birthday a secret, ran a wicked drop and sorted out my handroll ! Excellent.